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Tips to get rid of unnecessary belongings before a move

Posted on Jun 22nd, 2018

Are you planning to shift your house in near future? Do you want to save a stack of cash while you move? Are you worried that your new place won’t be spacious enough to fit in all of your stuff?

Well, be glad that you are at the perfect place because today as we – Removalist Sydney – will sort all of your queries and give you perfectly planned tips to get rid of your unnecessary belongings before you move.

Why is it necessary?

Well, it’ll save you a bunch of dollars simply because there’ll be a lot less stuff to carry from your current place to the new one, oh by the way, congratulations for your new place! It’ll also save some space at your new place. You can buy new stuff from your saved money and well, you can have enough space after getting rid of that unwanted stuff. Enough of the chitter chatter… let’s get to the point right away.

Gather all your unnecessary stuff in one place

First, write down all the places of your home/office where you have kept any of your stuff – whether needed or unneeded. Now, check out these places one by one and take out all the stuff, which you think is unwanted or you are doubtful about their usefulness.

Gather all this stuff in one area and start packing your essentials. This will set apart your essential items from unwanted/doubtful one and you’ll know if you have enough space, time and money to take the doubtful stuff with you.

Divide your unnecessary belongings into two parts

Divide your stuff into two parts, one that can be sold off and the other which means more to your heart than your pocket (stuff which is obsolete and have no worth in the market).

Now, many people get confused about the following – let’s help you with these frequently asked questions, as well.

How to sell unwanted items?

Nowadays there are many online outlets where you can find the right buyer for your belongings. Search these online stores, Facebook pages/groups, websites and applications, etc which work the best in your area and place your saleable products on those forums.

To reach your desired buyer, make sure you describe your product right and try to start with a catchy phrase to catch people’s attention. DON’T BRAG ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT, this will bore out the customers and they will know you are just trying to increase the prices.

Other than online selling, you can also set up a garage sale where people can come and check out things of their likes and buy.

How to set the price of the products?

First, do a bit of research about your items. Check their current market prices and roughly subtract the depreciation. Technological items usually have a higher depreciation rate so keep that in mind. Now it depends on your preference, whether you want to get rid of your belongings quickly or you can wait for the right bid. You need to set lower price if you are in a hurry.

For your non-saleable items, you can donate them or set extremely low prices to attract the buyers. The other thing you can do is just give away these items to your beloved relatives or friends who helped you during the move.

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