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Time for a new house or office? Here are the supplies that you will need!

Posted on Oct 19th, 2017

Packing and unpacking is quite a difficult task but one that is usually underestimated for how tedious and time consuming it could be. This results in huge damages and losses that people face all around the globe, every single day as millions make their way to their new apartments or offices. This is why we sat down with our on-the-field experts at Removalist Sydney Co to help us jot down some of the important supplies, which will make your moving that bit easier.

1) Boxes, no-brainer?

Yes, it is a no-brainer. But, a box makes a lot of difference in your move. An old manhandled cardboard box can ruin your plans and destroy the goods while a new strong box can be of great help in moving without any hassle.

First, separate your belongings according to their size and fragility. This will help you in estimating how many boxes you need and of what sizes and strengths. Then, arrange those boxes and start filling them up by packing the most fragile things first. Don’t forget to keep them intact by filling up the empty spaces with soft stuff. Old newspapers can be handy in this process or any unusable towel would do the job too. Keep the boxes with fragile stuff on the side and label them properly.

2) Tape, of course!

There are many kind of tapes that you would need while moving a house. Shipping tapes are needed for sealing boxes, masking tape for labeling boxes (don’t forget to use this specifically on boxes with fragile items), and duct tape for reinforcing and closing heavier boxes. Many people forget the painter’s tape, which is crucial for any painting and frame hanging projects in your new home and helps you settle in quickly.

Make sure that you’ve got at least two rolls of each kind so that you do not lose your senses if you lose the tape.

3) What else?

Along with these basics you will also need:

  • a permanent marker for labeling the boxes
  • a scissor for many purposes, i.e. cutting tapes, cutting newspapers, cutting boxes, etc
  • cutters, for opening the boxes in the new place, and for various other purposes
  • packing materials, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, newspaper or any soft fabric
  • gloves to protect your hands
  • rope, twine, tie-downs and bungee cords to keep boxes and furniture in place. NO! We aren’t planning a kidnapping!
  • felt pads to protect floors while moving large furniture
  • basic cleaning supplies, such a broom/dustpan, sponges, multi-purpose and glass cleaners along with paper towels to clean both your old and new place

By having the armor of these supplies, you will be equipped to deal with the mammoth task of packing and unpacking. Still too much? Don’t worry! The packing and relocation ninjas at Removalist Sydney Co are here to be your saviours! Call us at 1300 727 115 or you can visit us at 123 Pyrmont St, Sydney, NSW 2000. Instant quote is available at top right corner of this very page. Happy packing!

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