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Packing Tips for a safe Move

Posted on Sep 5th, 2014

Having a safe move that isn’t undermined by any small or larger accident, there are a lot of things that need to take place before the day the moving truck shows up in front of your door. From changing your address to informing friends and relatives about the move, there are a lot of certain angles to look at your move from. Last but not least, the proper packing of all of your belongings, both fragile and sturdy is vital for your move to be eventless, rather than a rollercoaster ride of emotions that causes your hair to suddenly decide that grey is a nicer colour than the one you have had since…well forever.

The first and most important thing you should take care of is the packing of all of your things. Go through your house and find all of the items that you actually want to keep and take to your new home. Don’t be shy to toss out some things and take only what you know you will be using in the near future. You should remember that everything that you decide is worth taking, you will also have to carry and take care of. Even an old vacuum or the dishwasher that suddenly stopped working will take up room in the moving truck, as well as in your new home. In addition, if you don’t watch out and properly store these items they may end up damaging some of your other fragile belongings during the drive. Therefore, at least consider having a yard or garage sale with which you can rid yourself of some items and make some money in the meantime.

When you are finally down to all of the things that you know you can’t leave behind, you will want to pay attention to the way in which you pack. Taking items but breaking them during the transport will do nobody any good. Therefore, ensure that you have the right packing supplies ready to crown all of your efforts with the results that you are looking for; your belongings in one piece. Of course you need to have enough cardboard boxes ready to fit everything, but also enough cushioning material so that none of your things end up broken or scratched. For glass dishes and other breakables, bubble wrap, as well as newspaper is great cushioning material. You can simply use old newspapers that you would have otherwise thrown away and wrap your glasses, plates and vases in it. Bubble wrap is best used for articles that are slightly larger. Electronics and furniture can be best secured and prepared for the journey with old blankets and comforters that you can wrap around them in order to protect them from scratches.

Heavy duty tape and markers with which you can write on the boxes and indicate which room they are supposed to end up in round off the little helpers that you will need for your move. Make sure that your tape is strong enough to seal off and secure even the heaviest of your boxes. You don’t want your valuables to fall out of the boxes and scatter all over the sidewalk in front of your house. Although the markers and pens can save you a lot of time, there aren’t really any requirements in terms of colour, make or type. As long as it is clearly readable where the boxes are supposed to end up, your markers will be fine.

If you want to make sure that everything is packed absolutely perfectly and in such a way that will ensure no damages during the transit, talk to the Removalist Sydney. The friendly agents and professional movers can do the packing, hauling and moving for you.

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