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Moving with Pets? Don’t Pass Up These Tips!

Posted on Jul 10th, 2014

Removalist companies are not just for furniture removals. They can also help move your pets; although most pet owners choose to have their pets travel with them as a relocation is tough enough on a household pet. Whether your Sydney removalist company will be helping you to relocate, or you will be travelling with the pets yourself, following are tips to help the trip be a safe and secure trip with little glitches.

 Moving with Pets Tips

Before packing Fido or Fluffy into the vehicle, be sure that your pet has updated tags with your new address and telephone number, as well as your cell phone number if you have a cell. Also, visit the animal’s veterinarian and ask for a copy of their records, including vaccinations, which you’ll need you’re your new vet in your new town.

Most of us think of our pets like our kids; so, it is only normal to have a first aid kit handy for your animal, as well as to have a crash course in pet first aid. Pack a bag with hydrogen peroxide bandages adhesive tape, etc. Also, have your vet’s phone number tucked away in the bag.

Bring plenty of food and water, as well as treats for your animal. Any medications, be sure to carry with you. Great handy containers to feed the animal while traveling is the plastic containers with lids, which allows you to place the lid directly on the dish when not feeding.

When your relocation day arrives, be sure to have a pet in a part of the home where he / she will not be disturbed; and, post “Do Not Enter, Pet Inside!” signs on the door to prevent the mishap of the pet escaping. The room should be a place with light, ventilation and preferably a room that is somewhat quite.

When packing your pet in the vehicle, have your feed bag, as well as your first aid bag and any toys and pack your animal in a carrier or kennel or a seat belt leash.

Both dogs and cats are sensitive to the move, and owners must respect their emotions. It is not unusual for a cat to come up missing on moving day. When on the road, remember, animals are like kids and may get fidgety. Take frequent rests, pulling the vehicle over in an area where your animal can get out and be walked on a leash and played with.

If you are not moving too far from your home, then take the dog (or cat if you walk your cat on a leash), to the new neighborhood for a walk. This way the animal can get familiar with the surroundings prior to moving day.

If your pets are cats, you will find a few differences in the rules of the trade to follow. Cats can be very difficult to travel with, especially if the cat hasn’t travelled before.

Cat become quite sensitive during a move and it is important to ensure that you have them put away on moving day, or they will likely turn up missing. It is also important that you familiarise the cat with their carrier before moving day. A few weeks before your Sydney relocation, begin to introduce the cat to the carrier. Inside the carrier, have scents the cat is used to. A blanket or pillow they like to snuggle on, a few toys, etc. Also, begin to feed your cat in the carrier, which will help the cat to become comfortable with the carrier.

Your cat, just like a dog will need to get out and walk while travelling, so you will want to ensure to bring a leash. Make frequent stops to let the animal stretch their legs, etc.

Moving day can go off without a hitch! Ask your Sydney removalists for tips on moving with animals as well. The most important thing is to prepare your animals like you would a child. Don’t surprise them on moving day with their first experience in a carrier, or let them lose around the house or outside in the yard, as they are likely to come up missing. The day will be a hectic one, and a lost animal will just add to the chaos, and worst yet, be heartbreaking if you have to leave the animal behind. So, properly prepare for the move with the tips above.

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