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Is a Moving Company Out of the Budget? Enlist the Services of Friends

Posted on Apr 25th, 2015

Moving companies can be expensive- and some property owners simply cannot afford a moving company to perform their move. If you happen to be one, consider enlisting the services of friends and family. Be cautious though as time is valuable, especially when moving as well as among friends and family. So, before you ask for help, be sure you have planned and organised your relocation. Here is some help from Removalist Sydney your local and Interstate budget movers who always offer quality relocation services.

Planning Your Move

Determine how much manpower or people power you will need to move. If you live in a three to four bedroom home, you likely will need a crew of at least four people.
Determine what moving equipment you will need. Having the right moving equipment means a faster move as well as less risk of damage to your home, furniture and belongings. Professional moving equipment can be rented and includes a dolly, furniture pads, furniture straps, etc.
Gather your packing materials. For a three bedroom home, you will need plenty of packing materials- boxes of all sizes, furniture and mattress wrap, bubble wrap, newspapers for wrapping, tape, markers and a notebook for your box inventory list.
Determine a route to take removing items from your home- down the hall and out the garage, through the front door, etc. Having the best route to take will mean less risk of damage to your properties- not only the items you are relocating, buy your home will be safer from dents, scratches and bumps into walls, corners, banisters, etc. All of which can be protected with furniture pads and blankets.
Determine what moving vehicles you will use to transport your furniture and belongings. Will you need to rent a moving truck? If so, what size of a moving truck will you need? Will you be able to transport your items in three or four loads in the back of your buddy’s truck?
Determine what and who will transport what. If you are using your friends vehicles- who will transport what household items. Maybe Mack is transporting the furniture. While Kiley is transporting the boxes from the kitchen, et. Make a list so you know what household items are being transported by whom.
Have printed maps for each driver that gives detailed instructions on how to get from your current home to your new home.
If you plan on having your friends help you unload and unpack and re-assemble furniture, let the friends know ahead of schedule.

Expect obstacles and delays to arrive on moving day. No move goes off without a hitch. Organisation is essential, and you need to begin to prepare in advance. So, don’t call your friends until you have your relocation planned, materials gathered and at least a majority of your packing performed.

Regardless of the number of friends you enlist to help you with your relocation, assign each friend specific tasks. If you have young children and have a friend that is not particularly strong but wanted to help out, then ask them to watch the children or help to finish packing or to prepare the home for the move (cover banisters and floors with furniture pads, etc.). Continue on, assigning all friends specific tasks to perform. Have some friends assigned to moving bulky furniture and appliances while some will help move boxes, etc. Some may even help with the cleaning once a room is cleared.

If you have a friend who is a prime organiser, then ask them to come ahead of schedule (or even a day or two ahead of moving day) to help you organise your move. Your friends will be grateful to know ahead of schedule what is expected from them so they can prepare, request a different task if necessary and wear the right clothing and shoes.

Managing time before the move and on moving day is a key to a successful move. Have a moving checklist that plans the days, activities, etc. for at least a month in advance and have your move well planned before you begin to enlist the services of your friends. Also, on moving day, be prepared with sandwiches, beverages and snacks for the you and your moving crew who is bound to get hungry.

On moving day, rise early to be alert when your friends begin to arrive. Have a pot of coffee brewing. If your neighbors have parked their vehicles in front of your home, kindly ask them to move their vehicles. It is also a nice gesture to have a gratitude of appreciation to your friends- maybe a gift certificate to Starbucks or something along that line, which show them you also think of them.

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