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How To Get Your Fridge Ready For Moving House

Posted on Aug 5th, 2016

When moving house there are many things to think about in order to get organised for moving day. One item that needs particular attention in the lead up to, during and after the move is your fridge. When it comes to moving house a professional removalist such as Removalist Sydney Co. can help remove the stress from relocating. Here’s how to get your fridge ready for moving house.

Empty Your Fridge

In the weeks leading up to moving day try and use up as much as you can out of your freezer and fridge. When it comes to moving day you will need to have a completely empty fridge. Make sure you remove all food and ice. An easy can be used to keep food cool during the move if necessary.

Unplug Your Fridge in Advance

At least 24 hours before the removals company comes you should unplug your fridge to give it a chance to warm up. If you have water connected for a water dispenser or ice maker ensure this is disconnected as well. The power cord can be coiled and taped in order to prevent it getting caught on anything or getting damaged during the move.

Ensure the Freezer is Fully Defrosted

Moving is a great opportunity to completely defrost your freezer. This may take a day or so if you haven’t defrosted it in a while. To protect the floor and prevent slips put towels down to soak up any leaking water as the ice from the freezer melts. To speed up the melting process you can spray vinegar on it or use a hairdryer. Give the freezer a wipe down to ensure there is no residual ice or water and remove all ice trays and shelves.

Secure the Doors

Fasten the doors shut with rope otherwise the Removalist Sydney will have the means to wrap it up tightly. If you haven’t opted for the full service then you will need to pack up the fridge yourself. It’s important to make sure the doors are secured because doors opening during the move can be dangerous. It could also cause damage to the appliance or surrounding items in the truck. You could tie the door handles together if you have a double door fridge. Don’t use sticky tape as this will leave behind some of the sticky substance behind and can be difficult to remove.

Use a Professional Removalist

Using a reputable removals company will ensure all of your items are taken care of when do Home Removals in Sydney. They have the know-how to protect all of your things including your fridge. When it comes to moving a fridge you need two people and removals companies know this and provide adequate equipment and removalists to get the job done. They will also keep the fridge upright throughout the process as laying it down flat can damage the appliance.

Turning Your Fridge Back On

When you are at your new place leave the fridge for 3 hours before you get it up and running again. Whilst the fridge is off you can start returning all of the trays and drawers. Once your fridge has reached cooler temperatures you can fill it up with food and use it again as normal.

There are a few simple steps you can take to get your fridge ready for moving house. A removal company such as Removalist Sydney Co. will take all the necessary precautions to move your fridge without damaging it and take the utmost care with all belongings during the moving process.