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Start with a Good Sydney Removalist

Posted on May 20th, 2014

When moving a great deal of attention needs to be given to detail or the move won’t be a successful move.  A great deal of attention also needs to be given to your Sydney Removalist company.  There are specific details you should look for in a Sydney Removalist company, including:

Attention to detail. Attention to detail is important as it is something that will matter in every aspect of your relocation.  From arranging the details of your move, to estimating the total cost of the move, to packing, transporting and unpacking your furniture and belongings, everything needs to be well thought out and everything needs to be precise.  The moving company not only needs to show up on time in the right size truck, which is all part of attention to detail, but needs to have experienced movers to carefully pack and deliver your property.

Furniture Removalist. Your relocation company should specialise in residential & commercial furniture removals.  Furniture may not seem as big of a concern because it is bulky, but furniture is fragile and the Sydney Removalist must know how to properly move, pack, transport and unpack furniture.

Affordability.  Affordability is something that every property owner looks for in a Removalist company in Sydney; and, you should find an experienced and professional company that is competitively priced.  At the same time, be cautious of those that are priced unbelievably low.

Experience.  Experience is essential in a moving company and your moving company Sydney should have years of experience in furniture removals and moves.  Experience is shown in a number of ways. A mover’s reputation is built on experience, as well as their skill level and knowledge.  The company should have experience, offering you knowledge, skill, professionalism and advice.

Professionalism.  Professionalism needs to be an absolute must in a company as it will determine the overall experience of your Sydney relocation.  From the experience of the staff and movers, to the fleet of moving vans the company utilises, to their business logo, everything should spell professionalism.

References.  Never hire a moving company that does not have references.  The moving company should be able to provide you with past client references who have obtained their services for moves similar to yours.  If they can’t, then don’t hire the company.  Also, access the net to perform a review search on the company.  The Internet is a great place to pick up unbiased feedback on companies whom past clients have posted comments regarding their experience with the company.

Whether the relocation is a residential or business relocation, careful consideration should be given to the movers, as well as your move.  You will need to determine if you plan on packing the contents of your home or office, or plan on having the moving company Sydney do the packing.  Consider the following tips for your Sydney relocation.

Relocation Tips

When moving, a list is essential; and more than one.  Start with a list of what you’ll need to pack- boxes, mattress wrap, bubble wrap, masking tape, felt markers, etc.  Then, make a list of everything you will need to move and label.  This is a great way to get rid of items you no longer use or need; and, a way to make the move one that is much easier to handle.  So, have a list of move and label, and another list of garage sale, charity or trash.

If you have children, involve them in the move.  Have your children responsible for packing their toys, labelling the box, etc.  Also, have a night where you all pack rooms together.  A great reward is to enjoy a pizza and a movie together when done.

When packing boxes, do not pack heavy items with light or fragile items.  Pack items that are like items and from one room together, and label the box.  This will help when unpacking.  For instance, when packing the kitchen, pack utensils, silverware and appliances together and label the box with the items and “kitchen” across the box.  This will help when you move into your new place as you can take the box right into the kitchen where it can easily be unpacked

If you have animals, prep the animals for the move.  Get the animals accustomed to their carriers, and the day of the move, lock them in a secure place while packing as they will likely turn up missing if you don’t.

For more great tips on Sydney relocations, or to speak with an experienced and professional mover in Sydney, contact Removalists Sydney Co.  We are experienced with years of quality relocations and offer our customers not only service they can rely on, but affordability.