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How to Plan your Home Removal

Posted on Mar 25th, 2014

For the past few months you’ve perhaps viewed a lot of homes, and then finally found the perfect one to call home. You’ve taken out all the home decorating magazines you could find and can’t wait to incorporate all the wonderful designs you’ve bookmarked into your new home. However, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. Moving can undoubtedly be very exciting but the process itself is one that many people dread. There’s packing and de-cluttering, cleaning and wrapping as well as many other things to take care of. Many people get stressed just by looking at their closets and seeing the cluster of items that will, in the near future, need to be boxed up. The most stressful part of packing is knowing where to start and how to get things done. If you are organized and you tackle your move like a professional, you won’t have to endure the stress that many movers do.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get all your packing supplies together. You’ll need boxes, tape, a marker, labels, scissors, newspaper, trash bags and removalist and a plan. In order to have things run smoothly, and avoid running around trying to find one item or the other, store all your packing essentials in one place, and return them once you are through using them.


Don’t move all the junk you’ve accumulated over the years with you. Go through your closet and pantry, throw out any items that you won’t be needing. For more valuable items, consider donating or hosting a garage sale and get a bit of cash for them.
Packing boxes

When packing your boxes it is important that you stay organized and keep things separated based on the rooms they belong in. This means that kitchen items will be in a separate box from bedroom items and so on.

However, do not box items that you will be needing as this will mean that you’ll have to start ripping your boxes open in order to find them.


Label your boxes based on the rooms they belong in. This will make it easier for both you and your removalist. They’ll be able to position your items in the rooms they belong in when they’ve been transported to your new home. This saves you from having to lift heavy boxes, as your removalist would have already placed them where they ought to be.

Managing your time

Your world won’t stop just because you’re moving. You will still have to go to work, pick up the children from school, prepare dinner and take on many other everyday tasks. Designated a certain amount of time to packing each day is always a wise decision. Get all your packing tools and get your packing done. Once the time is up, don’t push yourself. If you’re tired, get some rest. However, if you feel as though could continue for a couple more hours than do so as this may enable you to cut off some hours on other days.

Hire a Removalist

Moving isn’t something that you should attempt to tackle on your own. Hiring a professional will minimize the risk of having your valuable items broken due to wrong transportation techniques. You’ll also avoid heavy lifting and possible back injuries by incorrectly lifting your heavy sofa or cabinet.

If you’re moving within the Sydney area, and are in search of a company that will transport all your boxes and furniture to your new home safely and at an unbeatable cost, then Removalist Sydney is the company for you.